ReadyNation’s 1,000+ members work to strengthen business and the economy through
effective investments in children and youth.

ReadyNation members educate policymakers and the public to advance effective policies and programs that improve business competitiveness by helping children get a good start in life.

Hear from John Pepper, ReadyNation member and former CEO of Procter & Gamble, on why you should join ReadyNation today.

ReadyNation Updates

John Pepper to Speak at Early Learning Events

John Pepper, former Chairman and CEO, Procter & Gamble, and co-chair of the ReadyNation CEO Task Force for Early Childhood, will be speaking at several events focused on early childhood ...

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Robert Smith, Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility, Eli Lilly and Company (Photo from Charlie Nye, Indianapolis Star)

Eli Lilly and Company Advocates for Expanded Prekindergarten

Eli Lilly and Company, a global pharmaceutical firm based in Indianapolis, played a critical role in advocating for an expansion of the city's pre-k program. On December 1, the Indianapolis ...

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National Business Executives Urge Support for Home Visiting

In a December 4th letter to all Members of Congress, 33 senior business executives from ReadyNation stated their strong support for the renewal, at current funding levels, of the Maternal, ...

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Our Priority Issues


We support early education to build the foundation for the STEM workforce.

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We support high academic standards and innovative high school models.

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We provide technical assistance to groups developing early childhood pay for success.

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ReadyNation Business Champions

In 2013-2014, ReadyNation members contributed to winning more than $1 Billion in new state funds, and in 2014, they helped win more than $2.3 Billion in new federal funds.

Barry Downing – President, Northrock, Inc. (Kansas)

“Early childhood education is a smart financial investment and a moral responsibility. We owe it to these children to have a chance to arrive at school prepared to succeed. It’s both a head and a heart issue.”

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Hugh McDonald and Stacy Sells – CEO, Entergy Arkansas and Senior Vice President, Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods (Arkansas)

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J.B. Pritzker – Managing Partner, The Pritzker Group (National)

“It was blindingly obvious that the most efficient, fiscally responsible way to spend money is on young children. It’s also the most rewarding.”

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Kenneth McNeely – President, AT&T (California)

“If we invest now, we can put children on the right path. If we wait 10-12 years, saving these kids becomes more expensive and may be impossible.”

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Eva Blum, Connie Bond Stuart, Peter Danchak and Mike Harreld, PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. (National)

“The children of today are the workforce of tomorrow, and unless we support them with early childhood education, the future workforce will not be of the size and ability to meet the needs of a global economy.”
- Former CEO and Executive Chairman, PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

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Lisa Ventriss – President, Vermont Business Roundtable (Vermont)

“Achieving universal pre-k for three- and four-year-olds is an issue that moves forward incrementally. Collaborate with the business community and place them in a lead role. The pre-k community can’t do this alone – and they will not be able to achieve success if they aren’t united in their effort.”

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Paul O’Brien – President, The O’Brien Group (Massachusetts)

“If quality early education is available, it can be a salvation to children and is increasingly important in an economy that is becoming less physical and more brain-oriented.”

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