Tell Policymakers That the Business Community Values Early Education!

We are seeking employees of businesses of all sizes, as well as staff of business organizations, to sign the letter below in order to illustrate the depth and breadth of business support for quality early learning that helps children be successful in school and in life.

This letter will be shared with the President and Congress to help shape the debate about our nation's early childhood development policies.

If you would like to provide us with a quote, we will also use that in other outreach, such as social media, to illustrate business involvement in early childhood issues.

After you sign this, please share it with others. The more names we have, the greater the impact for children.

For individuals, business affiliation will be listed for identification purposes only (unless requested otherwise). 

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Open Letter from Business Leaders to President Obama and Members of Congress

As businesspeople, we know that a skilled workforce is the key to economic growth and U.S. competitiveness.   All of our nation’s priorities – energy, environment, defense, health, education – depend on a well-prepared workforce.

Many of us compete in a global marketplace. We see other countries investing in their young children both for the long-term benefits of a stronger workforce and the current benefits that come from enhancing the productivity of parents.  To compete, we have to do the same. 

Overwhelming amounts of research and evidence show the return on investment from giving young children a good start in life.  We have examined the research and drawn our own conclusions:  quality early childhood programs have a significant and positive impact on the skilled workforce, customer base, economy and nation we need. Behavioral skills highly valued by employers, such as self-discipline, persistence and cooperation, start in the youngest years and last a lifetime. 

We rarely have the luxury of making business investment decisions with as much evidence as we have to support the economic value of investing in early care and education.

Hundreds of national, state and local business leaders and organizations have recognized the positive economic returns generated by high quality early childhood education.   In the last few years, both Republican and Democratic governors have announced their support for more expansive early childhood initiatives.  Early care and education is not a partisan issue.  It is an American competitiveness issue that impacts all of us.

We believe public policy in the early childhood area should:

• Prioritize programs with proven benefits for children and society, such as quality early education for children ages birth to five, home visiting and health care
• Address children in the entire prenatal to age five spectrum, and their parents
• Focus first on children from low- to moderate-income families and other children at risk for school failure
• Give parents high quality options, using a variety of partners and settings, including the private sector
• Encourage federal and state programs to meet higher quality standards, while also allowing state flexibility to deliver services in a variety of ways
• Closely track progress on children’s health, development and other outcomes with rigorous evaluations that encourage continuous improvement

We ask our federal representatives and our business colleagues around the country to give all children the chance to fulfill their potential and create the best workforce and economy in the world.

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